Almost half a century of experience

Major milestones in our company history

R&C Servizi was founded in Italy as a family company

1970s - 1990s
R&C Servizi provided services to projects in Italy

2000s - 2010s
R&C Servizi extended their activities to Spain and France

R&C Servizi become R&C Globe

2012 - 2016
R&C Globe further extended their activities to Europe, Turkey and Africa


Main Clients
Enel, Edipower, Tirreno Power, ABB, Alfa Standard, Endesa, Ansaldo Boiler, Ansaldo Energy, Alstom Power, CMC, Trevi, Despe, Stf, Sices, Technip, Karl Weiler, Kirby, Sitie, Foste Wheeler, Saipem