Legal & Accounting

Practical experience for settling and running your services

Timely, adequate and clear accounting information is basic for correct and accurate management decision to ensure the success and prosperity of any business organization.

We provide wide spectrum of legal, accounting, financial services to meet the individual requirements, needs and interests of our clients.

Due of our practical experience, confidence, skilled international team we will ensure the right solutions/ suggestions for optimization and development of your business goals, projects, plans.

Current (monthly) bookkeeping and accounting

Preparation and submission of all monthly and annual tax returns, statements and

Monthly payroll ledgers

Labor costs analysis

Full financial services

Preparation of payment orders for supplier


Legal services and consulting

Registration of company (Ltd; LLC; GmbH)

Transfer of company shares

Termination and liquidation of companies

Legal assistance on upcoming, current and finalized transactions

Tax‐financial consulting on tax‐legal problems

Employment and EU laws


Import and export licensing

Food safety, veterinary and phytosanitary (documentary) requirements and inspections for EC imports

Advising clients on various aspects of WTO law and practice

Customs audits, fines, penalties and seizures

VAT and excise duties


Consultation and assistance in choosing the right property according to predefined criteria

Consultation on acquiring and disposition of real estate

Detailed legal analysis (due diligence) of the specific property

Incorporation of special purpose entities