Integrated Control Access and Tracking System

Designed for the real world of project management, our ICATS solution gets all your control access and tracking data working together to save time, money and hassle. ICATS brings all your project control access and tracking data together, integrating budgets with schedules and costs, man-hours and progress. Fully scalable, flexible and compatible ICATS can be implemented on a project-by-project basis.

Investment and savings

0.15 EUR/hour investment

1,500,000 planned man-hours
1% improvement due to increased control
25 EUR per man-hour average
375,000 EUR saving

1,500,000 EUR planned for services
3,500,000 EUR planned for catering
50,000 EUR saving

...and ICATS can do more than 1%

Lower idle time and boosted performance

Easily manage employees and vehicles on the field

Real-time team location, status and job-site alerts on the map

Dispatch jobs to nearest teams and employees and get increased response time

Better control and accountability

Entry badges and level access control

Increased control and security via surveillance tools

Ready to switch on and everything is included in the purchase price

Geofencing and zonal access control

Improved safety and incident rates

SOS functionality for emergency events

Coordination with HSE department

Monitor employees and vehicles for compliance with related rules

Versatile and easy to use tracking devices

Increased data and statistics quality

Integrates budgets with schedules and costs, man-hours and progress

Reduced administration tasks and paper work

Simple to use statistics for history reports and future planning